La mostra unisce fotografia e musica, due discipline che da sempre convivono in una simbiosi permanente, ed include immagini, ormai entrate nel mito, di 100 icone della storia della musica rock attraverso gli obiettivi di 40 fotografi.  

The exhibition includes the mythical and well-known images of 100 myths in the History of rock music through the lenses of 40 best-known photographers and it condenses the vitality of rock and its social impact, but also reveals those moments that music fans never see: unpublished behind-the-scenes photographs; innocent moments of the artists in their youth at the beginning of their careers; backstage images; live or conceptual images; author’s portraits that cross the superficial to enter the soul of the musicians; and interior photos and album covers. 

The relationship between photography and rock is the story of a well-matched marriage. In fact, the secret history of rock can be explained through photographs. After all, it is the most plastic and dynamic musical genre in history.   “Rock the Photo” is a unique opportunity to enjoy the gathering of forty of the best classic rock pho- tographers, such as Masayoshi Sukita, Robert Freeman, Duffy, Richard Kern, Michael Putland, Debo- rah Feingold, Michael Lavine, Allan Tannenbaum, Baron Wolman , Robert Whitaker, Peter Boettcher, Danny Fields, Peter Cunningham, Martyn Goddard, Charles Peterson, etc. Conceived as a chronicle of the History of Rock through the lenses of those best photographers of the 20th century, the exhibition is a chronological journey from the beginnings of rock and roll history to the present days.